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Banana Pudding Supreme

Fresh bananas only flavor this favorite. Vanilla wafer pie crust crumbles join vanilla pudding in a banana jungle of frozen confection.


Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate, churned with Belgian and French cocoas ground as fine as fairy dust, yielding a silky smooth ice cream that will make you smile.

Chocolate Chip

Classic vanilla ice cream with a gajillion Belgian chocolate flakes.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Bernoulli Chocolate Raspberry Truffle takes out all stops for a raspberry extravaganza built into a chocolate dream.

Pistachio Cannoli

Roasted pistachios and mini chocolate chips stirred into a creamy ricotta pistachio ice cream.

Cookies & Cream

Bernoulli Cookies and Cream demands sweet cream ice cream and the best of fresh, light, chocolate wafer cookies. The flavor is widely associated with the Oreo cookie, a kind of cookie sandwich with a sweet, white cream filling commonly used in milkshakes and other frozen desserts.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Bernoulli mint ice creams are flavored with all natural mint from Green Mountain Flavors, no artificial flavoring or color have been added. Semisweet chocolate from San Francisco appears as flakes and mini bits in a white minty cream base.

Cappuccino Crunch

Bernoulli Cappuccino Crunch is a delectable explosion of flavor tied to peppermint passions and dunking cookies for chocoholics.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel

The richest premium peanut butter ice cream made with Jiff Nautral peanut butter "Made in Kentucky" and Snack Factory’s Dark Chocolate covered pretzel crisps. Take one bite straight to the bottom of the pint.

Peppermint Vanilla

Bernoulli Small Batch Ice Cream's® Signature Tahitian Vanilla ice cream with crushed tiny red candy canes. Think hot tea and icicles on the porch.

Salty Caramel Pretzel

Caramel ice cream with Snyder’s Sweet and Salty Caramel Pretzel chunks and a thick swirl of sticky caramel sauce. Lots of crunch without any nuts.


Bernoulli Strawberry ice cream is always made with fresh strawberries and pure sugar or not at all. As a Kentucky Proud Veteran Owned Small Business, Bernoulli supports the Kentucky Homegrown by Heroes program buying fresh strawberries in season from local military veteran farmers.

Tahitian Vanilla

Bernoulli Small Batch Ice Cream's® Signature Vanilla - intensely aromatic made with rarest of vanilla extracts creating an amazing melt in your mouth sensation.

Toasted Almond

Fresh roasted lightly salted almonds are crumbled in angelic almond flavored cream.

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